Flexibility Makeover Sessions with Olympians - Filmed Private Skype Sessions

Courses included in Stacey Nemour's Flexibility Make over with Olympians.  3 filmed Skype sessions 1.Private filmed Skype session with Top Female High Diver & Cirque Du  Soleil Performer @Lysanne_richard You will witness the releasing of Lysanne’s neck injury where she was barely able to turn her head on one side. Also, addressed opening the back and hamstrings for pike dive, range of motion in arms, improving toe point and over-all flexibility for this top Red Bull Cliff Diver. Featuring Lysanne Richard! Now it's your turn to start the flexibility makeover with the exercises addressed:  Neck injury recovery, open the back, hamstrings, range of motion in arms, toe point and overall flexibility for this champion high diver at the top of her game. BONUS included here is 33 minute pre-performance Champion Stretch Prepared For Top Female High Diver & Cirque Du Soleil Performer  Lysanne Richard  Via Skype a shorter program designed to do pool side or anywhere before important competitions. 2. Private Filmed Skype Session with  Synchronized Swimmer (Flyer) Jessica Sobrino Member of the National Team – Team Mexico – Central American Champion Pan American Champion @jessicasobrinoo on route to Olympics in Tokyo  In this session the focus besides over-all flexibility is she needed to improve splits, toe point and back arch to be able to score as high as possible! 3. Also included 2 Sessions 1 via Skype & 1 in person follow up  Featuring Team Canada's Divya Biswal. @divyabiswal  Prepare for running competitions with techniques such as throwing arms back higher and getting closer to splits to better clear triple hurdle jumps to perform at your highest capacity. Bonus module at the end practicing a jump move for after going through the Skype & in person program taking new range of motion and better posture and tie it all together to  work on timing her breath help her experience more height & power.

 It's your turn to train along with these transformative sessions just like a private session in your own home! 

Flexibility Makeover Sessions with Olympians

Courses included
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