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Go Pro! Advanced Flexibility Makeover Package Series 15  Flexibility Intensive Courses IncludedAll Bundle Packages Include Private Facebook Group to ask Stacey questions

Go Pro! Advanced Flexibility Makeover Package

Courses included
Stacey Nemour's Advanced Flexibility Makeover Bundle 15 Transformational Flexibility Makeovers Courses to get you to the gold.  Join the Flexibility Movement Sweeping across the World. It's now your turn to reach your full potential, train along side Stacey with the Olympians and Champions at the top of their game, help clear pain, speed up healing process and decrease likelihood of painful injuries. "Flexibility Foundation for Champions" course finishes with a balancing meditation programming to align with your highest visions of yourself. Also includes Flexibility Makeover with Top Female High Diver Lysanne Richard, Dance Flexibility Makeover Power Pack, Flexibility Makeover sessions with Olympians,  Flexibility Makeover with Competitive Dancer Brenna Babcock, Extreme Flexibility for Pro-Athletes & Teams, Extensions into Infinity with Bobbie Allannah who holds 18 World records in Dance, Secrets of Splits & Flexibility 2  Just added! Flexibility Makeover - Rhythmic Gymnastics Series 1Naomi is 11 years old. She was competing in Rhythmic Gymnastics and now has been cast in La Sylphide with the Los Angeles Ballet.  This course is # 1 in an ongoing series following Naomi's Flexibility Journey as Stacey continues to guide her, you too can now have access to the magic that happens behind the scenes. 

How To Get The Highest Results

Preview of how Stacey sets the tone  to  get the most out of her flexibility programs
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Stacey Nemour

Stacey is one of the most renowned flexibility masters. She has been Flexibility Coach to  top athletes, Olympians, Professional dancers, Cirque Du Soleil performers, Actors, UFC Champion Victor Belfort & Carlson Gracie Team and more, all to maximize their potential. She has been involved as an action actress with her understanding of how to maximize range of motion with perfect alignment.

Stacey has over 25 years of experience in the field of flexibility and martial arts.  She is a blackbelt in Kung Fu and began working with flexibility when experts recognized her unique gift and range of motion.  Her extensive experience is highlighted in these courses, designed to get you the same results as the top professionals. 
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