Testimonials From Olympians, Dancers, World Renowned Athletes & Performers all part of the Stacey Nemour Flexibility Movement

To numerous to list them all from over 30 years of proven results“We found Stacey in the Fall when my daughter was setting her training plan for the year. She’s training for pre-professional ballet program and has specific goals relating to her flexibility that she needed to achieve so she could audition for several elite summer programs. Her flexibility has improved dramatically since she started with Stacey and she was admitted into every program that she put on her list in the fall. We are incredibly grateful for Stacey’s talent, commitment and kindness. She was instrumental to Matilda’s progress the year” Best, Brooke
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Top Female High Diver & Cirque Du Soleil Performer

Lysanne Richards Part of the Stacey Nemour Flexibility Movement"Thank you so much Stacey,  Your system and Stacey Stretch Strap has helped me so much"  You will see her transformation in the 2 filmed Skype sessions now available as a course for you receive the Flexibility Makeover experience
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Stacey's Stretch Straps

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Testimonial from 18 World Records in Dance, Actress, Professional Performer Bobbie Allannah @bobbie_allannah
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