Dance! Flexibility Master Class Bundle Series. Ballet dancer achieves over splits using this program

 Proven unprecedented track record results for 3 decades

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This is the safest swiftest path to performing on a whole new level without pain.

Dance! Flexibility Makeover Master Class Series Includes 21 Intensive Courses For Cheer, Gymnastics, Acro, Circus Arts, Ballet, Synchro, Figure Skaters, Performers & All Performing Arts 

Interactive courses to type in questions to Stacey at any point
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  Stacey shares the benefits of this powerful bundle

This Program is for you if you'd Like to: Immediately Improve:
*Back Arch *Extensions
*Penché *Arabesque
*Jumps *Toe Point
*Range of Motion *Clean Alignment
*Square Hips *Clear Pain & Injuries
*Splits/Over Splits *Turn-out & More

Ballerina Farrah Hirsch achieved flexibility goals using Stacey's Flexibility Training program

"I've been doing your program and look what I got! I'm so grateful for you"

Farrah Hirsch Pro Ballet Dancer Stuttgart Ballet, TDA Top 10, Beijing IBCC,  YAGP #2 X 3 Photo Credit: Heather Elizabeth Lehman

Ballerina picture testimonial now flexible enough to do her dream pose "the Needle"

Ballerina Farah Hirsch

Gymnast showing increased back flexibility in backbend

  From Dancer Noemi Results From Training With This Package & Stacey Stretch Strap

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Some Of The exceptional Talent Stacey Guides Through Her Flexibility System In This Package Series.

It's your turn now!
Photo testimonial Stacey Nemour changed my life by helping me to become flexible
 Results when Brooke professional dancer & performer trained with Stacey's System 1 time. 
2 flexibility courses with Stacey guiding ballerina to prepare for important auditions & performances
Includes 2 Courses With Stacey Guiding Malena Ani To Prepare For Critical Auditions & Performances. 
Before working with Stacey, I always struggled with my flexibility and was frustrated that my lack of flexibility was holding me back. My sessions with Stacey have helped me so much! She pinpointed the areas of my body that were tight and gave me stretches that were personalized for what I needed.

Stacey is so encouraging and kind. I leave each session feeling inspired.... It was the exact preparation I needed for my current training with Pacific Northwest Ballet – Professional Division” Working with Stacey was a great experience for me and I would recommend her program to any one who is challenged with their flexibility!

Malena Ani, Ballet Dancer Pacific Northwest Ballet
Ballet dancer demonstrates advanced level of flexibility on pointe after Stacey's Flexibility Makeover program
Includes 2 Courses With Stacey Guiding Malena Ani  
I did the extensions for days today using your stretch band and posture strap, and I am obsessed! You are the best! And I can’t wait to progress further the more I do it! 💗 Emilee

Competitive Dancer, Disney Dance Magic 2023, Joffrey Ballet School 2021
Dancer testimonial pictures of dance poses
Includes 2 Courses With Stacey Guiding Malena Ani  
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Extensions For Days

Preview:  In this program learn how to improve extensions, all splits arabesque, penche, back-arch, toe point,  leg holds, clear pain & injuries due to tightness a Be Audition Ready. Competition Ready. Performance Ready.  
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Testimonial from model in Morocco @hk.369  I am overjoyed that I can fully get into this position after training with "Cheerleaders Complete Flexibility System" 

 "Thank you Stacey! It's all about the little tricks you give. I really like your program. Without knowing all the details you give, you can not do the exercises perfectly"
phot testimonial of splits progress after training with "Flexibility Makeover for Dancers Held back by Tightness"
Before & after results from 1 training with course 1 time, from member Dancer Bianca. Training with  "Flexibility Makeover For Dancers Held Back by Tightness".  Available on it's own. Also included In Beginner's Bundle Series & Dance! Flexibility Makeover Power Series
Splits & Flexibility progress from fexibility course "Flexibility for Dancers Held Back by Tightness"

"I'm 25 years old and needed to prepare for Dance Company performance. Here's my splits progress from just doing course 1 time with your Stacey Stretch Strap. Thank you Stacey" Bianca Cathro

Dance! Flexibility Makeover Power Pack

Courses included
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Before & After Results from professional Ballroom Dancer in India Uttara Vaidya

"I am 39 yrs old now and my body has not been the most flexible  As a professional dancer who got into ballroom dance sport late Stacey's courses has given me a good stretching routine & structure yielding great results. I highly recommend! Thank  you Stacey!"

She is enrolled in the Dance! Flexibility Master Class Bundle Series & started with the 1st course "Flexibility Makeover For Dancers Held Back By Tightness"
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 New Course "Transformational Flexibility Mastery" Beginners guide for gymnastics & dance
Actual Before/After Results that  happened organically during this filmed private session
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 New Course "Advanced Flexibility Intensive" For Figure Skaters & Martial Artists
Stacey guides Noelle who is on the USA TDK Team & Figure Skater through this deep game-changing intensive
cover for "Advanced Flexibility Intensive for Figure Skaters & Martial Artists"
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 New Course "End Lack of Flexibility" Featuring actress Michelle Greene
Stacey guides Emmy nominated actress from L.A. Law who is ageless 60 years old to astounding new levels of flexibility & mobility
"End Lack of Flexibility Course" Actress Michelle Greene significantly increase flexibility/mobility and clears pain at age 60
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Bobbie Allannah
18 World Records In Dance. Performer

 "Thank you Stacey! I Love my Stacey Stretch Strap, Posture Strap & Yoga Blocks Flexibility Kit
testimonial showing increased flexibility for back arch

"Elektra completed the Cheerleaders Complete Flexibility today. It’s amazing to see so much progress can be made with your system! She is so excited with this new knowledge on how her body works and the kind of stretches she needs to achieve her goals - we truly cannot thank you enough for sharing your expertise! Can’t wait to share more progress over the coming weeks and months!"
Liv x
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Performer testimonial results after doing "Cheerleader's Complete Flexibility System"
 Performer @gypsyjoys after doing "The Cheerleaders Complete Flexibility System" program 1 time. 

 “Def improvement just did the cheerleader course! This was when I did my show last time big difference already! Stacey stretching works fast!!!”

Photo testimonial Wow! My backbends are getting deeper. Increased back flexibility after training with "Complete Flexibility System for Cheerleaders"

Preview Results From 1 Filmed Skype Session 1 of the intensives included

Complete Flexibility Makeover For Competitive Dancers - With KayLee Bell Intermediate - Very Advanced.  1:14  Train with this intensive to increase overall increased flexibility & ROM - Emphasis on turn-out, back arch, chest stand, extensions, leg-holds & penche 
 “Thank you so much!!!! We are both so happy with the progress she made last night!!!! I don't think I have ever seen her happier. She has such determination and it is heartbreaking as a parent to see them hit a wall that they just can't seem to break though. You have taught her how to do that and we are eternally grateful. She was so excited to see the progress in those pictures. KayLee  just absolutely loves you and can't stop talking about how amazing you are!!!! Brittany Bell”
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Dance! Super Flexibility Makeover  Master Class Series includes 21 Transformational Courses "Extensions for Days" Pre-pro to Pro next level training (filmed private Skype session) ballet dancer Malena Ani 

There's more, Filmed Flexibility Makeover Skype session with competitive dancer Brenna,  after being guided through all the necessary deep shift-shape stretches Stacey takes Brenna even further practicing critical competition moves preparing her right before Nationals! This  will  help you to move past long standing plateaus, so you may perform at your highest capacity &  be competition ready for critical auditions,  Nutcracker season, on stage and film. Ideal for dancers, rhythmic gymnast, circus artist, cheerleaders, figure skaters, competitive dancers, martial artists and any sport that requires extreme flexibility, while helping to clear pain, speed up healing  and prevent injuries.

Included is "Flexibility Makeover for Dancers held back by Tightness" It doesn't stop there! "Flexibility Makeover for the Complete Cheerleader" & Flexibility Makeover for Complete Gymnast with Elite gymnast Sierra Kaplan's filmed Skype with Stacey preparing her right before Nationals!

Flexibility Makeover - Rhythmic Gymnastics Series 1 & 2 with 11 year old Naomi . She was competing in Rhythmic Gymnastics &  cast in La Sylphide with the Los Angeles Ballet.  This 2 part series with 2nd complete bonus course. Series 2  Session 2 :  We continue to  work on deep hips openers, excellent for turn out, clearing back, hip & knee pain & increasing range of motion. Another focus is on Naomi's tight feet & clearing the tightness going all the way up into the hamstring. This  brought tremendous results in her front developpe, which was something she really needed to improve. This also covers back-arch, extensions & over-splits 

 "Flexibility Makeover with Top Female High Diver" Lysanne Richard a Red Bull Cliff Diver &  Cirque du Soleil Performer. This includes a bonus 33 minute warm up for her to do pool side to warm up before critical competitions & performances. Stacey guides her to clear a previous neck injury and improve hamstring flexibility for pike dive. Focus is also on improving back arch. 

There's more!!  2 Filmed Private Filmed Skype Session with  Synchronized Swimmer (Flyer) Jessica Sobrino Member of the National Team – Team Mexico – Central American Champion Pan American Champion on route to Olympics in Tokyo  In this session the focus besides over-all flexibility is she needed to improve splits, toe point and back arch to be able to score as high as possible! In this follow up 2nd filmed Skype session we go deeper Focusing more to improve the back arch, toe point, stretching/ strengthening for range of motion in the pool opening shoulders, critical help for over-splits upside in the pool. Including, exercises to protect knees. Stacey has many years experience with coaching Synchronized Swimmers to soar at competitions and performances

 Complete Flexibility Makeover For Competitive Dancers Intermediate - Very Advanced. In this  filmed Skype intensive besides overall increased flexibility & ROM -  focus on turn-out, back arch, chest stand, extensions, leg-holds & penche 

Stacey's best selling "Secrets of Splits & Flexibility 1 & 2 & Extreme Flexibility For Pro-Athletes & Teams is included. The original 36 minute version of Secrets is a perfect shorter warm-up before class, competition, auditions and performances.

Results Happen During Filmed Skype.

"Ella has always struggled with flexibility to the point where she believed she wasn’t going to ever get her splits. After just one session with you, she was almost down to the floor. We cannot thank you enough for you skill and technique, but more importantly, your kindness and encouragement of Ella during the session. She loved every minute of it. "

This exact session Included in this package. 

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Secrets Of Splits & Flexibility 1 & 2 Are Included in Dance Power Pack Series

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Stacey is a world-renowned flexibility master. She has been an International flexibility coach to top athletes: Olympians, professional dancers, Cirque Du Soleil performers, established actors, UFC champion Victor Belfort and Carlson Gracie Team and more! For 3 decades she has touched the lives of thousands of athletes and individuals who want better posture, range of motion, injury rehab, injury prevention and be competition ready. to live out their wildest dreams in their art or sports performance.

 She has been an action actress: including guest lead on Power Rangers and motion capture video games using her understanding of how to maximize range of motion with perfect alignment. She has contributed over 30+ articles to the Huffington Post and has been featured in many publications. Including five issues of Kung Fu magazine.

Stacey began her career by achieving a black belt in Kung Fu. Flexibility coaching found her when top athletes and performers sought her out after seeing her kicking with spectacular range of motion. Stacey specializes in mind-body-spirit flexibility training to unleash the highest potential within every individual that follows her step-by-step proven system. Her extensive experience is highlighted in these courses, designed to deliver the results she is know for.
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Why Dance Flexibility is the Only Solution

You are only as good as your flexibility level with clean alignment. Stacey’s flexibility training program for dancers has helped thousands manifest measurable results to bring dance flexibility to a whole new level. Dance flexibility is the only solution to an individual’s form, alignment, the ability to have clean lines, proper technique.

Stretching for dance flexibility with the Dance! Master Class Bundle Series will enable you to finally perform at your highest potential and prevent injuries. It is vital to learn flexibility tricks for dancers tailored to your exact needs.
This is the most effective path to have the full range of motion get splits, over-splits, and freedom to perform with clean alignment in one’s sport without pain or strain. The stretches to become flexible for dance in these online flexibility courses will improve not just flexibility on the floor but, shows you step by step how to transform your range of motion from head to toe in every way possible.

The magic is in Stacey’s details that you will not see anywhere else. This is not the same old outdated generic program. The best dance stretches for flexibility to become flexible for dance are included in her proven comprehensive flexibility training for dancers.

How To Get Highest Results

Preview of how Stacey sets the tone to get the most out of her flexibility programs!
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