1. Which is the best course to start with while waiting for the Stacey Stretch Strap

If you have ordered the Stacey Stretch Strap start with "Secrets of  Splits & Flexibility" then "Secrets of Splits & Flexibility 2" these are earlier programs that don't use the strap and a good introduction of the basics of the system. When strap arrives you will be ready to go much deeper!

2. How does Stacey's System yield such remarkable results? 

 The magic is in all of Stacey's details that she has channeled through 3 decades of groundbreaking achievement in her field.  Highest sequence, use of intention &  breath.  You will see results if you follow her directions closely, don't skip anything and do the program wholeheartedly 

3. If I'm starting the Courses, Do I go through them all in one day?

 Go through each program carefully pause them when you need more time. After you do the stretching routine and you are warmed up, do as many as you have the time and energy for. (it's a lot to do in 1 day. pace yourself , try to absorb and master each module.) If you are tapped into your body it will let you know when you have had enough for 1 day. Always listen to that. They are set up perfect sequence of each stretch or training exercise preparing the body for the next-When done correctly you will see real flexibility training is a workout with-in itself. You are awakening areas that have not be awakened or activated before.  

4. How many days do you suggest  training with the beginner level courses before progressing to the more advanced courses? 

 After you feel you can comfortably go through some of the courses geared for beginners such as " Flexibility at Any Age” "End Lack of Flexibility" "Transformational Flexibility Mastery" or "Flexibility Short Formula for beginners" "Flexibility For Dancers Held Back By Tightness" and  have mastered it somewhat.  Most importantly, listen to your body’s inner knowing and move forward step by step.

5. Regarding Pacing for Younger Children?

I have worked with 7 year old's that have more focus and stamina than a 35 year old. Everyone is truly different and should go at their own pace. It is important to allow your child to go at their own rate.  Keep it light and fun, this way they can enjoy it with no pressure and be eager for more.

6. What if you have trouble balancing?

 It is helpful to be near a wall and have chairs or other objects they can hold onto to steady themselves. The balance will come with time after gentle steady repetition. 

7. Regarding pacing?

Set up regular days/ practice times schedule and mark it on your calendar until you have Mastered and completed the course. Like you would do with setting up any class schedule or regular practice or going to the gym or for a run. Consistency is key.. When time allows you can set up you are attending a 3-4 day intensive.  

8. After completing a course package or individual course what’s next? 

The courses are there for you to login and train with at any time. You will have forward momentum and positive muscle memory going by now. To keep progressing you can go to the next level of courses. Important:  Keep referring back to the courses that your feel your mind and body need. Contact Stacey to schedule a private flexibility training session for more tailored in depth training for all your exact needs. This is not a do the course a few times and be done. It is a life style just as going to the gym, dance class, practice, running to keep the body in balance and feel yourself evolving. 

9. I just purchased the courses but, can't find them when I login

 Don't worry! Your courses are all there. The system either used your PayPal address or you may have registered under a different email address.  If you can not find your course after purchase (before you email me) 100 % of the time it is because you registered under a different email address than the one you paid with. So, if you can't find your course rest assured, it is there :-) check under your email address you used via PayPal. You can manually send a reset password link that you'll find in the menu. Once you login click on “my profile” then scroll down and you will see all your courses below. Make sure you login to flexibilitymakeover.com website to access your courses.  Clearing your cache helps if you can't seem to login too!
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