Advanced Flexibility Intensive for Figure Skaters & Martial Artists

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    Stacey Nemour
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  • Video Time
    1 hour & 30 minutes

Stacey transforms Noelle who is on USA TDK National Team & a figure skater. This intensive is a must for those who are flexible but, have severe misalignment issues and locked areas from compensating.

If followed carefully this will stop injuries waiting to happen in its tracks, clear pain and unleash the highest most explosive performance for figure skaters, martial artists, dancers and circus performers.

This course is also included in Dance & Martial Arts Bundle Series Packages

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After training with Stacey's program 1 time you will see the results she's known for.

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Recommended game-changing tools to create your own flexibility gym

1. A step stool or chair
2. Clear wall space
3. Stacey Stretch Strap
4. Yoga Blocks
5. Stacey Posture Strap (optional)

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Testimonial pics sent in from professional Belly Dancer of Kim Khalida Online Dance BOOST “First time I worked with “Advanced Flexibility Intensive for Martial Arts & Figure Skaters” video I only had time to do the first 40 minutes of the session, but I did take quick pictures before & after, and I was happily surprised at the result 😱 

Testimonial showing increased flexibility in hips & back butterfly wings are much lower
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Stacey Stretch Strap®

This is the most effective tool to increase flexibility. Deepen stretches, immediately corrects form and  increases range of motion 
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Stacey Posture Strap

Experience immediate improvement to your posture. Use this in conjunction with this course to rapidly improve your range of motion and overall posture

Course Lessons

Stacey performing roundhouse kick straight up showing extreme flexibility skills


Stacey is a world renowned flexibility master. She has been an International flexibility coach to top athletes: Olympians, professional dancers, Cirque Du Soleil performers, established actors, UFC champion Victor Belfort and Carlson Gracie Team and more! With over 30 years of experience, she has touched the lives of thousands of athletes to individuals who want better posture, range of motion, injury rehab, injury prevention and be competition ready to live out their wildest dreams in their art or sports performance.

 She has been an action actress: including guest lead on Power Rangers and motion capture video games using her understanding of how to maximize range of motion with perfect alignment. She has contributed over 30+ articles to the Huffington Post and has been featured in many publications. Stacey can be seen in five issues of Kung Fu magazine. Stacey began her career by achieving a black belt in Kung Fu. Flexibility coaching found her when top athletes and performers sought her out after seeing her kicking with spectacular range of motion i n her performance.

Stacey specializes in mind-body-spirit flexibility training to unleash the highest potential within every individual that follows her step-by-step proven system. Her extensive experience is highlighted in these courses, designed to get you the same results as her top performers & Olympians clients.
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