"Extensions for Days" Online flexibility course showing dancers achieving over-splits and flexibility goals

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Ballet dancer Malena Ani on pointe  showing massive improvement with flexibility

Photo credit Malena Ani: Lindsay Thomas

Running Time 1:12:14
Level: Intermediate - Very Advanced.

 If you can’t do splits, touch your toes or straighten legs fully due to tightness, it makes it difficult even to practice leg extensions - Let alone experience significant progress.

 You will be guided in a step by step method to improve your extensions,  go deeper in all the splits,  and overall greater range of motion in your performance. You can go to all the classes in the world but, progress is limited if you don't do real flexibility training combined with these core exercises to awaken the proper muscles to experience a noticeable increase in your range of motion.

 This program is also ideal for gymnasts, performers, martial artist, circus arts, competitive dancers, acro-yoga, acrobatics, ice dancers, stunt performers, action actors or anyone serious about improving over-all flexibility, balance and injury prevention.

Improve extensions, splits, arabesque, penche, back-arch, toe point, leg holds, clear pain & injuries due to tightness. Be Audition Ready. Competition Ready. Performance Ready.
YOU DID NOT TELL ME YOU WERE A SORCERESS!! My Stacey Stretch Strap arrived today, and I completed your "Extension For Days" and my word!! I have never seen such progress. I can't even believe the progress I've made in fewer than 2 hours! Sorcery! Thank you so so so much!! Emma

After "Extensions For Days" 1 Time

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I did the extensions for days today using your stretch band and posture strap, and I am obsessed! You are the best! And I can’t wait to progress further the more I do it! 💗 Emilee"

Competitive Dancer, Disney Dance Magic 2023, Joffrey Ballet School 2021
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“Hey Stacey, first of all I want to say thank you for your programs in the Dance! Flexibility Bundle Series! I haven’t been able to follow the "Extensions for Days" program daily but, over the past almost 2 months I have been on and off with the program and still I can see much progress. I am planning to follow it more daily from now on to see how far it can take me.

increased flexibility in leg extension.

Preview Extensions For Days

Train along as Stacey transforms two ballet dancers. One is pre-pro top ten YAGP Malena Ani for intermediate to advanced level, (now with the professional division of Pacific Northwest Ballet) and Samantha  for the advanced beginner to intermediate level.
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increased flexibility in leg extension.

“Elektra completed the “Extensions for Days” course yesterday and really noticed a big difference! We’re so excited for her progress! I was particularly impressed with the position of her body in the straddle splits pictures - her back is so much flatter and you can really see the nice stretch she is getting! Thanks just isn’t enough! Liv xx 

increased flexibility in straddle stretch back is flat
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Stacey Stretch Strap®

This is the most effective tool to increase flexibility. Deepen stretches, immediately corrects form and  increases range of motion 
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Stacey Posture Strap

Experience immediate improvement to your posture. Use this in conjunction with this course to rapidly improve your range of motion and overall posture


Stacey is a world renowned flexibility master. She has been an International flexibility coach to top athletes: Olympians, professional dancers, Cirque Du Soleil performers, established actors, UFC champion Victor Belfort and Carlson Gracie Team and more! With over 30 years of experience, she has touched the lives of thousands of athletes to individuals who want better posture, range of motion, injury rehab, injury prevention and be competition ready to live out their wildest dreams in their art or sports performance.

 She has been an action actress: including guest lead on Power Rangers and motion capture video games using her understanding of how to maximize range of motion with perfect alignment. She has contributed over 30+ articles to the Huffington Post and has been featured in many publications. Stacey can be seen in five issues of Kung Fu magazine. Stacey began her career by achieving a black belt in Kung Fu. Flexibility coaching found her when top athletes and performers sought her out after seeing her kicking with spectacular range of motion i n her performance. Stacey specializes in mind-body-spirit flexibility training to unleash the highest potential within every individual that follows her step-by-step proven system. Her extensive experience is highlighted in these courses, designed to get you the same results as the top professionals. 

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