Flexibility for Releasing Trauma: Stretch your Power Back

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From online course "Flexibility for Releasing Trauma" My guest student  radio host, motivator speaker & author Kathy Tuccar almost in splits at age 54 in 1 session!

The combination of performing the right sequence of stretches (tailored to that individual exact needs and highest use of breath wrings out the stored trauma in the body. Read on for stretches and techniques to release pain and trauma. For the last three decades I have been spiritually channeling my flexibility training system that has produced instantaneous results & healing on all levels.

 My International clients and course members range from all levels and ages: Olympians, pro-athletes, team, ballerinas, established actors & the tightest beginners. 
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Why trauma is stored in the hips:

*I have found that a lot of the trauma, especially sexual emotional and physical abuse is stored in the areas around the hips & grion. The hips are also closely connected to the sacral chakra, which is associated with emotions and creativity.

 As a result, many people believe that the hips play a key role in storing emotional trauma. When trauma is stored in the hips, it can cause muscle tension and pain, leading to conditions like sciatica, lower back pain, and even digestive issues. 

Before and after flexibility results  releasing stiffness in hips, back & hamstrings

Nobody needs to stay stuck measurable results in just in session

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My guest student Kathy Tuccaro is a author, radio show host & motivational speaker that went from addict and homeless, to driving the world’s biggest truck. She overcame a lifetime of trauma and abuse. https://kathytuccaro.com

Stretches to release trauma & pain:

Older man on floor increased flexibility & evening the knee in butterfly wing stretch
Here's are some of the stretches that brought these results during my flexibility training session with 78 year old man who was walking leaning to one side and he could not keep his balance. He now can walk straight without falling down!

Your feet are your tires stretch and balance them

The calf muscles are your “second heart,” squeezing veins in the lower legs to help return deoxygenated blood from the feet back up towards the chest, the Cleveland Clinic notes.

In order to stretch the calf muscle you must stretch the entire foot back evenly. If you site all day stretching and walking are critical to keep body in balance
Man standing on a yoga block stretching calf & foot out
To clear locked tight feet, calves, Achilles, hamstrings, and low back.

Hold the wall or something steady then put one foot on the block to hold it in place while you put the other foot on the yoga block to stretch foot back until heel is completely on the floor. Hold until you feel stretched out and go to the other side. Repeat as many times as needed. 

Quadricep/Grion Stretch:

Lay on your stomach with legs shoulder width apart. Make sure to keep feet and knees from turning out by feeling top of each foot and knees making contact with the mat. Keep that clean alignment during the stretch.

 Reach back with your hand & pull foot towards your buttocks. (Ideally all the way  in with foot making contact with buttocks) If it's difficult to perform this stretch due to tightness order the Stacey Stretch Strap ( as seen in photo 
Man lying on stomach stretching his quadricep

Hip Opener

Start by lying down on the floor or mat.  Put 1 yoga block on top of one leg then cross the other leg over place other your block on top of the leg under hip bone (Important!! Never ever press directly on the knee to avoid injury)

 Inhale deeply through the nose and as you exhales out of the mouth let everything go while applying pressure pushing down on the yoga block. If this is too difficult try this without the yoga block on the straight leg. 
Man lying  on matt performing a hip stretchTestimonial from women with  scoliosis  in before pic iunable to reach forward to touch toes in after back released & able to touch toes
Testimonial: "Dear Stacey, Honestly training with your system is the first breakthrough since my body completely seized up from scoliosis last year. I tried osteopathy, yoga, chiro, physio, acupuncture, massages and before you nothing was relieving the legs are blocked & the discomfort I feel from it." Jodi 45

Need Help Choosing The Right Course Or Series For your Exact Needs? Feel Free To Email Stacey For A Free Consultation. Please Check Spam/Junk Folder & Add me to Contacts if you don't see reply. 

The Proven Flexibility Solution: Avoid unnecessary surgeries and costly medical bills

Often deep stretching is all that was needed all along for severe back or shoulder pain. Most injuries are due a lack of flexibility, proper warm-up and cool down. Fortunately, plenty of healing stretches and a complete flexibility training program can be performed lying down.


My flexibility training system is a workout within itself. It is a deep dive into finally releasing pain and trauma through the right sequence of stretches. I demonstrate them in the correct order to prepare the body for the more challenging stretches, so when you get there, you can breakthrough to a whole other level. 

During my flexibility sessions clients experience a range of emotions and sensations such as giddiness, bliss, euphoria, and deep releases of physical and emotional pain. I'm in sync with the client and feel when the trauma leaves the body. The mind, body and spirit must be treated as one unit. 


Many of my clients and course members have tried many healing modalities before finding me and were about to give up. Then after working with them or training with my online video course just one time they are shocked at how quickly they experienced measurable results. It is incredibly rewarding to offer the solution and help change the trajectory of their sports performance and life.


It is important to note that if the injured area feels any of the bad pain while stretching or training around it, stop immediately. It may help to elevate and ice the inflamed area and or heat.

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Before and after increased arm & shoulder mobiltiy
More from my flexibility training sessions with 78 year old man  Leaning to one side. This misalignment due to severe tightness and unhealed injuries and stored traumas can lead to a dependency of compensating by  leaning to one side for support.

 Pain and Stiffness: Age-related conditions like arthritis can cause significant discomfort in joints and muscles. As shown here this does not need to be a life sentence of decline.

Stacey's flexibility system combined with the perfect flexibility tools = results
Older man increased mobility touching toes and open straddle stretch widerOlder man now able to toe toes

Why Trauma is reflected in Poor Posture: Surprising Risks of Mental & Physical Health 

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Studies have shown a clear correlation between posture and anxiety (among other mental health conditions). A study by Harvard University found that sitting up straight improved certain symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. With this connection between posture and anxiety, right now is the time to stand up straight.

While back and neck conditions top the list of potential posture woes, there are many others — such as poor balance, headaches, constipation, mood, sleep, jaw alignment,  incontinence, heartburn, slowed digestion and breathing difficulties.

“Defensive posture.” This might include hunched shoulders, lowering of the head and neck, or consistently folding the arms. People who experience trauma, especially as children, adopt this posture as a way to protect themselves.

*Posture is rounded to protected the closed and wounded heart. Good posture is the body language of confidence. How you walk, stand and workout is a mirror into the mind and a indictor of looking like a victim beaten down by life or a vibrant being standing upright in peace, health and appreciation.

 I custom designed Stacey Posture Strap to immediately improve posture, take pressure of neck, align the back properly, protect shoulders, open the heart and chest
Man on floor butterfly wings knee are high up & uncomfortable in before pic after he's sitting stright with knees all the way to floor using yoga blocks on top of each legBefore and after older man has improved posture and no longer leaning over to one side

Can drugs make PTSD worse?

PTSD also makes people feel like they are always "on guard." All of these feelings can get worse when using drugs and alcohol. Drug and alcohol use allows people to continue the cycle of "avoidance" found in PTSD. Avoiding bad memories and dreams or people and places can make PTSD last longer.

 The clients that are on medications such as: antidepressants, pain killers or self-medicating with marijuana, drugs and alcohol all have one thing in common-They feel like they want and need to cry to let it all go. But they are unable to get that  good cry to release to heal due to being numbed out. 

Why pain can be an opportunity:

Pain and injuries can be a blessing by creating the need to dig down and go within to tune in to the body and let it instruct you on what it needs. An injury is the way our bodies talk to us when we have come out of alignment in some area of our life. By necessity to get out of pain, I have created many stretches and flexibility products that have healed the problem, by being in the realm of the solution. Which has enabled me to heal myself and help others.

Free yourself from survival mode from deep buried trauma

Traumatic experiences that take the mind and body into a state of shock ,often get buried so deeply after being tucked away for years my clients felt like a huge weight has been lifted when it reveals itself.

 I had a client who had not gone to the bathroom for ninety days. She had put on a lot of weight over the years when her digestion became sluggish and going long stretches without a bowel movement.

 During our flexibility session the stretches rung out the buried trauma it was revealed that she had a miscarriage that she felt guilty for. There was also guilt around not being there when her father passed due to being out of the country. This deep-seated guilt planted in her by her mother had been a program running in the background for all these years.

She was able to have a good cry and understand that there was nothing to feel guilty about and she could give herself permission to stop punishing herself. After our session regular bowel movement was restored and all areas of her life improved.

A client that had sexual abuse as a child and the pattern continued during her marriage of constant violence. When she saw, this started happening to her little girls she left and divorced him.

She had many back surgeries and was always in severe pain. When we did our flexibility session, she finally felt the trauma lift out of her hips.  I did an energy healing at the end of the session including spiritual surgery cutting the cords at the root to her ex-husband.  Her feedback after was since then for the first time she has not been looking over her shoulder in constant fear that he might show up again.

I also worked with the children to break the linage pattern in the family system so they could reprogram and start fresh.

Allow things in a positive direction

• Feel it to heal it and then be willing to surrender it to whatever feels right to you:
  (God, The Universe, Jesus, Buddha, Your High Self)

• Learn to call all your energy and power back whenever you feel scattered or overwhelmed. In this I have a specific meditation for this in "Flexibility for Releasing Trauma" course.

• Regular flexibility training with my system allows the mind and body to let go on many levels.

• Dance, running or any sport is an effective way to get the endorphins going.

• Martial Arts training in Kung Fu can be extremely empowering going from the energy of being a victim to full authentic power in mind and body
Before & after increased flexibility hip, back release in butterfly wings
Improved flexibility in back and hamstrings

More results that happened in 1 session while filming "Flexibility for Releasing Trauma-Take your Power Back"

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