How to Be Flexible Without Pain – 10 Proven Tips!

Nov 6 / Stacey Nemour Flexibility Master / Martial Artist
Want to be more flexible without pain? If you are not familiar with my work - My authenticated flexibility training system is used Internationally by the pro-athletes, ballerinas, Cirque du Soleil performers, UFC champions, actors to perform at highest potential, clear pain and injuries. Take advantage of my 3 decades of changing the flexibility trajectory of thousands from beginner to super advanced. Read on and I will share what you need to know about how to be flexible without pain.

If you are in pain while stretching:

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That is a clear indicator that you are not stretching correctly. One of the most overlooked solutions is performing stretches in the right sequence. Most people go straight to the hamstring stretch of trying to touch the toes. Naturally it hurts because that stretch should be after you have prepared properly by warming up.

How to stretch to increase flexibility without pain:

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First off dismantle the saying “No Pain, No Gain” and remove that thought from your believe system - as flexibility training should not be painful. The whole purpose is to allow the body to relax, let go and release tightness in the mind and body. There’s a massive difference between the good and bad kind of pain. The good pain is more like a nice release along the line of a good massage yet, feeling like an intense productive work-out is happening. The bad kind of pain is the bodies way of letting you know to stop pushing or you may injure yourself.

Why stretching can feel painful:

Due to not being properly warmed up or the stretch needs to be modified to suit your immediate needs. Make sure to never force or bounce. The starting point is to go into each stretch gently until you feel a nice awakening up of locked areas. To increase flexibility with pain it helps immensely to follow a customized flexibility training regime that matches your current level and needs. A private session with me will be tailored to your exact needs or my online flexibility courses have a wide range of levels so there is something for everyone.  

How to become flexible without pain:

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Here’s the rule - The more painful the stretch the deeper you must breathe! When the breath is properly used with intention combined with the right sequence of stretches this is the true gateway for the mind and body to let go. The feedback from my course members and clients says it feels like magic because of how much easier it is to make real progress. After years of struggling and trying every modality to increase flexibility they are in shock that Quantum leap results happen after just 1 training session. Start each stretch with a deep breath in through your nose and exhale out of the mouth the moment you go into the stretch. Keep repeating this process as you hit what seems like a stopping point. For more on the immense power of  the breathe here is my article in the Huffington Post   The Zone: Use Breath, Posture & Passion To Get Into A Flow State" 

How long should I hold each stretch for:

There’s a lot of misinformed information out there on this subject. Since everybody is not the same physically, naturally this must be gauged according to each person’s unique level. Let’s say, you were told to hold each stretch for 1 minute (this is dangerous and may backfire) if you force your body to hold it past the point of pain. This is how pulled muscles, tears and injuries occur. Never-ever allow anyone forcefully push or hold you down in the splits or any other positions. Always listen to your body’s inner knowing. You hold the stretch using deep breathing to relax and if it feels like it wants to keep sinking deeper stay in it. If it feels painful come out of the stretch and do a series of repetitions without it holding for long.

Why holding a stretch for too long is counterproductive:

 If a stretch is painful and you are forcing yourself to hold it even though the body is shaking and or the bad kind of pain is happening it will cause the body to tense even more and retract back to its tightest point. This may cause the body to go into flight or fight mode and go into protection mode. This is one of the common ways injuries and set-back take place.

Get flexible without pain:

Stacey working with ballet dancer Mira

The magic is in the repeat. The downfall is when trying one stretch and it feels hopeless and either go on to the next stretch or quit. The breakthrough trick is to keep repeating the stretch over and over. Each time you come out of a stretch go to the other side and come back again so the body can process and prepare to go further. If there is no other side kept repeating the same stretch until you see some increased mobility. It helps immensely to use The Stacey Stretch Strap  to safely go deeper into each stretch with clean alignment.  As well as Stacey Posture Strap, Yoga Blocks and Deep Calf Stretcher click link below to easily set up your own flexibility training gym.

Stacey Using Stacey Stretch Strap® 

Treat stretching to increase flexibility as a workout within itself:

Rather than an afterthought by doing the same few stretches you always do. Like with any workout or dance class create set days and times where you stretch with a comprehensive flexibility program (I will add my package deal course link here) Here’s a link to my flexibility master class series to guide you step by step into a discovery channel journey waking up all the areas of the body that having been laying dormant. It will feel so good to finally have the answers and guidance you have been seeking to experience a whole new level of flexibility freedom.

Increase flexibility without pain:

Treat the entire body as one unit. Since everything is connected you don’t only stretch hamstrings or just do backbends to increase back arch which is the opposite of how most people stretch. As you strategically stretch from head to toe in the right sequence each stretch prepares the body for the next, so it is not a traumatic event trying to stretch any locked-up areas.

How to become more flexible without pain:

Create a new set point. Meaning go to a new place a bit further than you have ever been. If there is no bad pain, you have done a series of repetitions with this stretch and feel ready to go to a new place. Instructions:

 *Visualize in your mind how far you would like to program yourself to go

 *Time your exhale to be continually breathing out until you are at your new stretch destination.

 *Only hold this stretch for one second and come right back up

*Repeat a few times, this is your body’s new set point the body remembers. 

 This is how you create new muscle memory! Send appreciation to yourself for attaining this new level of mobility.

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