Stretching for Pain Relief: Flexibility to Clear Pain & Injuries

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When you are injured, you may think it's best to not work-out at all. In many cases that is counter productive and to do nothing can slow down the recovery process, cause depression, irritability, and weight gain. Right stretching for pain relief is the swiftest path to address the issue at its core. Rather than putting a band-aid on it. Decreased flexibility can impact the health of the cartilage that surrounds many joints such as your knees and your hips; an inadequate range of motion in these joints can limit the blood supply and key nutrients necessary to maintain these support structures.

Having been a professional flexibility guru and martial artist for three decades, I have learned much about how to bounce back from injuries stronger than before. Most pain and injuries are due to a lack of flexibility caused by tightness.
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How to cross-train around injuries:

If your ankle is sprained, I find the stationary bike feels good and seems to get the blood flow to the area and it hurts less after. You can still do most of the weights at the gym because most of it is sitting or lying down.


Stretching  for pain relief is the healing solution. It can be the remedy to reduce the pain because when a body part is injured, we tend to over-compensate and usually walk in a way that puts the back and the rest of the body out of alignment.


If it's shoulder or upper-body problem and you can't participate in a certain sport or activity, walking is great, it helps get rid of lactic acid and is very natural to the body.


Training in the pool is another way to stay in shape by swimming and doing other non-impact exercises. Running, jumping drills, legs kicks and punches under the water work well because you are pushing against the resistance of the water. 

Stretching to clear pain:

Flexibility Starts at the Feet

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To clear locked tight feet, calves, Achilles, hamstrings, and low back.

Hold the wall or something steady then put one foot on the block to hold it in place while you put the other foot on block to stretch foot back until heel is completely on the floor. Hold until you feel stretched out and go to the other side. Repeat as many times as needed. 

Video: Back Relief Stretch 
using a chair

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Testimonial from women with  scoliosis  in before pic iunable to reach forward to touch toes in after back released & able to touch toes
Testimonial: "Dear Stacey, Honestly training with your system is the first breakthrough since my body completely seized up from scoliosis last year. I tried osteopathy, yoga, chiro, physio, acupuncture, massages and before you nothing was relieving the legs are blocked & the discomfort I feel from it." Jodi 45

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Often deep stretching is all that was needed all along for severe back or shoulder pain. Most injuries are due a lack of flexibility, proper warm-up and cool down. Fortunately, plenty of healing stretches and a complete flexibility training program can be performed laying down.


My flexibility training system is a workout within itself. It is a deep dive into finally releasing pain and trauma through the right sequence of stretches. I demonstrate them in the correct order to prepare the body for the more challenging stretches, so when you get there, you can breakthrough to a whole other level. The next element to increasing flexibility & healing is learning the highest use of the breath. Add mindset into the mix as the mind influences the body and that is how to safely increase mobility, clear pain and heal injuries.


Many of my clients and course members have tried many healing modalities before finding me and were about to give up. Then after working with them or training with my online video course just one time they are shocked at how quickly they experienced measurable results. It is incredibly rewarding to offer the solution and help change the trajectory of their sports performance and life.


It is important to note that if the injured area feels any of the bad pain while stretching or training around it, stop immediately. It helps to elevate and ice the inflamed area.

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Man sititng in butterfly wings locked up in after photo knees are closer to floor & able to stretch forward nose on toes
"Stacey,  I just wanted to tell you thank you I am for your hard work at getting me unstuck today. I honestly have not been pain-free in months or possibly even years!! I look forward to continuing with your online classes." Top Sports Photographer @garthmilan

Stacey's flexibility system combined with the perfect flexibility tools = results

Man on floor butterfly wings knee are high up & uncomfortable in before pic after he's sitting stright with knees all the way to floor using yoga blocks on top of each leg

An injury can be an opportunity:

The beauty of an injury for a person who is obsessed with their sport, is that those muscles that are over-trained and strained finally get a chance to heal and restore.


Another blessing of injuries is having to dig down and go within to tune in to the body and let it instruct you on what it needs. An injury is the way our bodies talk to us when we have come out of alignment in some area of our life. By necessity to get out of pain, I have created many stretches and flexibility products that have healed the problem, by being in the realm of the solution. Which has enabled me to share this and help others.


While performing a spinning back kick at high speed on a slippery floor I fell and hit my elbow on the floor which caused a torn rotator cuff. I was told by an orthopedic doctor that I would need to have surgery. He added that I would never get my range of motion back even after surgery. I told him “Not in my World! The body knows how to heal itself” I did not have the surgery, I cross trained around the injury, went for regular massages, visualized it as healed in meditation. It did indeed heal, and mobility has been restored. During that time, I ordered various posture support straps to protect my shoulders but, always found something lacking. That inspired me to custom design my Stacey Posture Strap with extra padding to wear during workouts and daily life.

Recommendations that may help speed up healing:

Cross-training around the injury gets those endorphins going, restores that healthy feeling and helps one come back to their original sport or work-out stronger and better than before.


Regular flexibility training to clear pain due to stress and tightness, increase range of motion to speed up healing process, prevent injuries or re-injure.


Proper nutrition, supplements, massage, and plenty of sleep also greatly speed up the process.


A good chiropractor can make a world of difference putting the body back into alignment.


It also helps greatly when you meditate to put your hands or your full attention the injured area and send Love to it. Completely flood it with Love. Then visualize yourself completely healed and well. That is your true state -- Perfect Health. Claim it, feel it, be it no matter what the temporary appearance of things are.

Disclaimer: Speak to a professional for all your health needs and seek their counsel. Children need to be under adult supervision at all times. We disclaim all liability for any physical harm resulting from the information on this website.

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"I can see a difference already. Who knew my calves were adding to my stiffness. I'm 59 and run 2-3 miles a day about 4 days a week (jog really) Thanks!"
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