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Oct 1 / Stacey Nemour Flexibility Master/ Martial Artist

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After I released my best-selling program “Secrets of Splits & Flexibility” emails started coming in from all over the world with questions asking how one can become flexible enough to get flat into the splits. Here’s some of my proven flexibility tips to save you lots of time & frustration  
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1 Thing You Can Do Now to get Deeper into Splits

Note: You must be warmed up 1st before trying this.  Watch the entre complimentary video to learn one of my proven secrets to help go further in the splits. Copyrighted material
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  Common Mistakes: 

*Only going to Yoga to increase flexibility isn’t enough.

*Not warming up to prepare the body before an intense yoga class.

*Not honoring the body by properly stretching before any demanding sport or activity

 *Starting with stretching the hamstrings first.

*Just concentrating on the hamstrings

*Practicing splits with back leg completely rolled out 

*Trying to increase back flexibility by only stretching the back

*Forcing, bouncing, allowing someone to push you down 

 *Holding stretches to the point of severe pain

Flexibility & Splits Training Should Not Be Painful:

I have a client in advanced rhythmic gymnasts and ballet. After I worked with her she was shocked about the measurable results furthermore, how fun the the process with-out the bad kind of pain involved. When I called her Mother in to have Naomi show her Mother all things she mastered in just 1 session - they cried tears of joy. Then her Mom informed me that her coach would brutally push her daughter down into over-splits and make her cry.  They left that coach. I told her that is emotionally and physically abusive and extremely dangerous.

This is cause painful injuries and severe set-backs.  They left that misinformed gymnastics coach. It does not work. Time to re-write the slogan "No Pain No Gain" to "Peaceful Pain-Free Progress" Beginner or advanced flexibility training for gymnastics, dance or contortion or any sport.  Here she is now in photo below. I filmed to 2 private sessions with her so everyone can have access to the exact perfect steps to joyfully increase flexibility

Pain free results after 1 Private Skype session with Stacey

Stacey Nemour Photo Credit: Ed Zabel

 The Flexibility Breakthrough Formula:

 *The best stretches to get splits & increase flexibility require the correct sequence. It is one of the most important steps to finally getting into the splits. Since everything is connected it makes a big difference to stretch the entire body. Starting with upper body first, then calves, quadriceps, low back, groin, inner thighs, outer hips, waist, hamstrings, straddle stretch, back bend practice, and  then splits practice.

*When Stretches are done in the most effective order for your level - this opens up a whole new world of flexibility. The more time you take to stretch increases your ability to go deeper into the splits and overall range of motion. Start with the easier ones and save the more intense positions for last.

*To go deeper into the splits or any stretch always sink on the exhale

 * Visualization. If you can see it, you can be it. The mind influences the body.

* The magic happens on the repeat!! When you just try to get into the splits and stretch a tight area just one time and give up because it feels hopeless - will not bring any progress. For highest results take your time and keep switching sides so the body has time to relax and process in between. 

 *Tiring out the muscles. Resistance training helps the muscle release when one inhales deeply and exhales into the stretch.

 *Age does not matter (only if you think it does). Anyone can increase flexibility at any age.

*Consistency. Create a weekly schedule for your splits & flexibility training. If done properly it will feel like a complete deep workout with-in itself

* Sleep. The body recovers, heals and processes while we sleep. It is important to give your body and mind the gift of rest and rejuvenation.

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