Stretches For Sitting All Day : Reverse Sitting is the New Smoking

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 Stretches for Sitting All Day 

Reverse the silent killer sitting is considered the new smoking.  Here are stretches for sitting all day right now! This blog is to provide the remedy now to reverse the many dangers associated with sitting all day.  More people than ever are working from home -  there a serious need for a stretching program to counteract many hours of sitting. There are many new ways of functioning  by mainly conducting business remotely. Sitting hunched over the computer all day can zap all your energy. The less we move the more tired and stiff we feel.

 This can be turned into a tremendous opportunity to incorporate more self-care and balance by daily stretching with a comprehensive flexibility routine. In next few paragraphs I will share with you some of my flexibility training system of stretches for sitting at a desk all day. 

I have got your back

Over the last three decades, (short version) I have coached Olympians, pro-athletes, professional performers, actors, ballerinas, pro soccer and UFC fighters, martial artists, and their grandparents!! Contributed over thirty articles to Huffington Post and many other notable publications

Why sitting is the new smoking 

Stacey jump front kick into a smoker knocking cigarette out of his mouth

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Too much sitting can also increase the risk of cancer. Other health problems include tight hips, back problems, osteoporosis and clots in the legs. Even just three to four hours of continuous sitting can cause clots in the legs, Dr. Rajpurohit said.

Along with the physical effects, sitting too long can take a mental toll as well. Dr. Rajpurohit said those who sit continuously for long periods of time during the day are at an increased risk of dementia and anxiety because mental health is dependent on exercise and being active.

“It’s not just the body, it’s the mind that’s being affected too by simple things like sitting too long and a sedentary lifestyle, so awareness is very important,” he said.

: Speak to a professional for all your health needs and seek their counsel. Children need to be under adult supervision at all times. We disclaim all liability for any physical harm resulting from the information on this website. 

Best Time to Do Stretches for Sitting All Day

Everyone has a different body clock rhythm. For myself I get up and do a few hours of sitting at my desk and when I get to a stopping point, I meditate, stretch and workout to set the tone for the day. After, I have taken care of myself I have much more to give to the rest of the day. Being connected to your mind/body brings clarity, decisiveness, and there’s a sense of ease and flow. You may prefer to unwind with a deep stretching routine at the end of the day. The most important thing is to work it into your weekly schedule at a time that it will get done with your full focus.

Video: Back Relief Stretch 
using a chair

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5 Minute Chair Stretching Routine

My gift to you is my 5-minute chair stretching and flexibility routine. You can do it from your hotel room, office, anywhere you a sturdy chair. In my 5-Minute Chair Flexibility Makeover: I demonstrate an effective way to heal and open the low back, outer hip, knee & clear sciatica pain. Grab your chair and follow along for this chair session.
Also see How to Get a Flexible Body From Home

Important: Protect your knees! Never ever press directly on knee, instead right under hip bone on very top on leg. Copyrighted material not to be reused without written permission.

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More Stretches for Sitting at All Day

When feeling hunched over and tense in neck, shoulders and back I highly recommend you break throughout the day and do quick immediate chest and shoulder opener. You just need a doorway! Here’s a short clip from my online video course called “End Your Back Pain Flexibility Course” You will feel your heart and chest open right after!

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Poor Posture-The Beginning of the End:

People who sit all day desperately need to stretch to counter act lack of moment. Hunched over posture is the beginning of the end! Good posture is highest starting point to live and perform from. Which allows you to breathe in deeper and take in more oxygen which increases energy. Balance will also improve because your center of gravity is in alignment. This can also help to conserve energy now that the body doesn’t have to work so hard.

 A key complaint from clients is the infamous hunch over as we walk resembling early man. I custom designed the Stacey Posture Strap to create new muscle memory.  I notice people I see working out at the gym are hunched over leaning on the cardio machines for dear life. Poor posture can throw the body out of alignment lead to back pain.

This reinforces and creates muscle memory to perform everything in life this way. The solution Is to take the speed down low enough where you can stand up completely straight and train the entire body with clean alignment. This will also strengthen your core and balance

Good posture is the body language of confidence and vitality. “I have designed the strap specifically to help clear shoulder, neck, and back pain, to enhance and improve how you stand, move and work with your specialty sports. You can also work out with it! For all levels, ages 15 years to 100 years it helps both men and women. And for women, a true bonus--it gives an instant bust lift naturally!”
Stacey Posture Support Strap brochure showing how it immediately improves posture

Good posture increases circulation which can help speed up healing. In Yoga, it's referred to as your "back body." Stacey Posture Strap Comes in size Small (24-34) Medium (28 - 38) and Large (38 - 49). In stock! Ready to ship!

You can work out with the Posture Strap or use it for daily living. You will feel the difference from the moment you put it on. 


Imagine doing the splits at age 50+

 Stacey and Kathy in the splits

Kathy to the right of me almost flat in the splits at age 54! In just 1 session

Kathy's increased flexibility after training with Stacey

These results happened during filming "Flexibility for releasing Trauma" as I guided radio host & author Kathy Tuccaro

Yes! It Is possible as well as touching your toes. If you used to be flexible the good news Is the body has memory. Not only can you get It back but, may even go further from where you left off - with the right flexibility program tailored to your level and needs. When you increase range of motion and mobility from head to toe - there is an instantaneous healing that occurs when followed carefully - clear pain, injuries and prevent future ones. The magic is in my details, which includes highest use of setting clear intention, sequence and breathwork done with proper alignment, this will correct harmful compensation such as hunched posture from tightness and atrophy. 
My system works on any age or level.

My system is not ordinary stretching.  It is a waking up of untapped parts of the mind and body that have been lying dormant. You cannot separate the mind from the body. The mind gives the marching orders to the body.

 If you are tight and inflexible it’s not your fault! The market is saturated with outdated generic stretches. There is old programming and a collective agreement in mass consciousness to expect to decline. I produced an online video course called “Flexibility at Any Age-Where Do I Start- Here!”-I have taught this to thousands worldwide and you can see improvement in less than 90 minutes. It is a powerful anti-aging tool.

Claim your life and well-being back:

I believe that we create our own reality. The quickest way to come into balance is when we take responsibility for our own life. Which Is to start by forgiving all and let go of blame, then we function from our full authentic power rather than being the victim. If you are in recovery from an injury or surgery, the natural response is to do no movement at all. At a certain point it is helpful to train around the injury to get the circulation and energy moving. Then, endorphins kick in.

In every injury and set-back there is a seed of opportunity.  In the right conditions “The body knows how to heal Itself - this truth has been concealed and insanely dishonest.    Training with my online classes will improve your flexibility, posture, and a new attitude of acceptance that we don’t all need to age rapidly and continue to fall apart, walk slower, bent, or live-in pain. This can bring the understanding that you are the solution rather than create deeper problems by looking to medications or unnecessary surgeries.

The key is to use your power of intention as you accompany the new vision with the actual image and feeling place of completing the plan, add correct breathing techniques, and use my point-by-point strategy, within a short period of time you will see Improved flexibility and range of motion in your mind and body that will astonish you. Due to the demand technology stepped in to offer help to anyone at any level, around the globe, to partake of my courses.

I created my online streaming flexibility makeover master class video series to show the exact perfect stretching sequence, right use of breath and how to tap into a powerful mindset to go beyond previous stuck plateaus and unleash the highest potential in everyone.

 There is something for everyone in reaching your optimum flexibility—you need not give in to pain or lack of mobility. Feel free to reach out to me directly for a free consultation If you need help in choosing the exact perfect program for your immediate needs.
Testimonial from women with  scoliosis  in before pic iunable to reach forward to touch toes in after back released & able to touch toes

Results in 1 Flexibility Training Via Skype with Jodi in the UK. Stacey cleared her locked up body from chronic scoliosis

Testimonial: "Dear Stacey, Honestly training with your system is the first breakthrough since my body completely seized up from scoliosis last year. I tried osteopathy, yoga, chiro, physio, acupuncture, massages and before you nothing was relieving the legs are blocked & the discomfort I feel from it." Jodi 45
Stacey on floor stretching her hamstrings with stretch strap

Flexibility Essentials

Increase Productivity  

When we feel calm, centered, and balanced this enables us to tap into our inner knowing where intuition guides inspired thinking and action. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is famous for his theory on flow and as one of the pioneers of the scientific study of happiness. In his book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (1990), he concluded that happiness is not a fixed state but can be developed as we learn to achieve flow in our lives. According to Csikszentmihalyi, "The best moments usually occur when a person's body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile."


When we focus our attention on a consciously chosen goal, our psychic energy literally "flows" in the direction of that goal, resulting in a reordering and harmonizing within consciousness. This higher state of consciousness makes what would seem too difficult suddenly effortless and allows us to advance into new achievements in sports performance and all the arts.

The flow state is like a moving meditation. Action and awareness merge when the athlete, artist or performer becomes totally absorbed in what they are doing. They have all the skills necessary and can stretch their abilities to meet the challenge, while focusing attention on the task at hand. Time seems to fly. It can also feel like there is no time.

An example of this can be seen in the martial arts or watching the Olympics. The competitor seeks to lose all distractions of ego, fear, and self-referring thoughts, immersing themselves completely in the activity. This state allows the chi (energy) to flow through the individual and support the movement or task.

The flow state applies to dancers, athletes, writers, teaching, tech world, inventions, artistic creativity, and just living in a state of inspiration (in spirit) There's no one way, whatever works for an individual and brings the desired results is correct for them. Here are some suggestions that work like a charm for me and the athletes I coach:


1. Flexibility Training:

How nice is it to be able to reach the top shelve and pick up something from the floor with-out falling or pulling a muscle. Or being able to participate in sports and activities that you enjoy with full range of motion, including intimacy!

Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving – real flexibility training is a workout within itself. This not only releases tightness but, stuck patterns in the mind and body. The body stores unresolved hurts, traumas, and sub-personalities. These are old coping methods that no longer serve you and are not who you really are.

2. Authentic Power:

Don’t give your power away to anyone or anything outside yourself. Take time to set the intention for each day.  It’s helpful to stay in your own yard by not worrying about what others think or compare yourself to anyone. There’s nothing really going on “out there” You create your reality from within. The outside world reflects your inner world.

3. Meditation:

Program for success. Get out of your own way and merge with your highest visions of yourself. That’s who you truly are. The mind influences the body. Through meditation one may connect to their full creative power. This gives one the ability to shift into an altered state at will. Through consistent training one can program the mind to tune out distractions, without holding on to them or losing awareness.

4. Rest deeply:

Go to bed the same time every night. This is when the body repairs. Before going to sleep see yourself exactly the way you wish to be and feel those exact feelings in your heart center. Give thanks as if it has already happened. What we think about before we drift off to sleep grows all night!

5. Treat food and spices as medicine:

Eat an anti-inflammatory diet. It can take about 30 days to create a new habit. Cut out sugars and replace It with no calorie organic
monk fruit or stevia. These are natural without the dangerous chemicals in artificial sweetener. Make a grocery list of foods that heal rather than mindlessly throwing unhealthy choices into the cart.

6. Appreciation:

Get into the flow of whatever you are doing. This can include cleaning, caring for your pets, plants or at work. Send appreciation to the wonderful things in your life that have shown up and you get to love and nurture. When I do this, I notice solutions to situations naturally arise as well as new creative ideas and insights. Create the habit of giving thanks and appreciate for all that you have, don’t take for granted even what seems to be the smallest of things.

When in this state of grace or flow state, you are in your natural state of well-being. One may notice how divine order and harmony carries into all areas of your life by:

* Working in complete harmony and cooperation with everyone you interact with.

*Drawing the highest and best from people.

*The right people, places and things show up.

* Financial abundance flows easily.

* Aches and pains are gone; the body and mind feel balanced.

Stacey high roundhouse kick "The flow state mind, posture, breathe & timing in perfect alignment

Importance of releasing stress through flexibility training:

During times of stress, it is easy to go into fight or flight mode. One gets tense, which changes body chemistry and negatively affects the cells of the body. Even changing the smell of ones sweat.

A useful definition of stress is "the actual or perceived threat to well-being"

Stressors need not be physical, and indeed most stress comes from a psychological perception of "threat to well-being", with the physical stressors being less obvious in the form of chronic pain or illness.

You can become a reactive being to all outside circumstances and allow this to dictate your emotional, mental, and physical states. This can allow hurts, disappointments, and the appearance of things to run the show, creating the illusion that it is all coming from "out there". This leads to so much stress; it can incapacitate you or lead you to disease.

Stress is a pressure cooker that needs an outlet to leave your mind, body, nervous system, and affairs. Deep stretching is one of the quickest ways to release this because you can literally “Let it all go” and breathe it out of the body.

I find the quickest way back to center is to shut out the outside world completely -- all noise and needless chatter, and meditate or sit in prayer, asking for the truth of the situation to be revealed, and feel the support of the entire Universe operating through me. I also ask for Divine Right action and Divine Right outcome for the Highest good for all involved. Then relax and let the unseen forces go to work.

Exercising is the second half of this process. Meditation builds confidence from the inside out. A fit body contributes to a fit mind and builds confidence from the outside in. Even a walk can be peaceful and amazing guidance and insights may come to you, as you continue to release tension and tune in. Or an activity that requires skill and focus such as: golf, tennis, yoga, martial arts, dance, shifts you out of stuck mental/emotional states.

More on how food can also play a role in feeling stable, clear, and focused; there are foods that weaken and foods that heal. Staying away from preservatives, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, hormone-filled meat (from tortured animals treated like non-feeling beings, best not to digest their sadness and stress), refined sugar, and white bread. These foods can cause inflammation, which shows up as uneven blotchy skin, redness, bloating, disease, and pain.

Stick to anti-inflammatory foods such as organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grain, and beans. That will keep the weight off and help you manage your energy, emotions, and alertness. Eating breakfast also helps. Sumo wrestlers skip breakfast to gain weight! Studies show a 5% drop in metabolism in people who routinely skip breakfast.

Eating small meals every three to four hours stabilizes blood sugar and keeps the metabolism going, like throwing another log on the fire to keep its heat steady. It also keeps you from going wild at dinner time and eating everything in sight because you are starving.

Another major healer and provider of important lessons about unconditional love is spending quality time connecting with your animal companions. Just petting them lowers blood pressure and benefits the animal as well.

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