How to get Flexible Body at Home: Stretches to Counter the Dangers of Sitting All Day

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Ready to get a flexible body from the convenience of your own home? I will break down the steps of how to get a flexible body at home. Get started with these 6 powerful stretches now!  You have the power to completely transform your flexibility from home! No heavy outdated apparatuses that turn into clothes hangers are needed. For three decades I have shown people all over world learn how to get a flexible body at home. It brings me great pleasure to empower those ready to transform their flexibility, heal pain and injuries due to tightness.  

Dangers of sitting all day

If you live a sedentary lifestyle, you have a higher chance of being overweight, developing type 2 diabetes or heart disease, and experiencing depression and anxiety. 

6 Best stretches to get flexible 

Disclaimer: Speak to a professional for all your health needs and seek their counsel. Children need to be under adult supervision at all times. We disclaim all liability for any physical harm resulting from the information on this website.

For highest results perform these stretches in the exact sequence presented and follow the details carefully. 

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1. Stretch for calves, Achilles, hamstrings, and low back. 

Get close to a wall or countertop. Be close enough to be able to stand up straight with the chest lifted put one foot in front. When you bend your front leg toes should be in front of knee. Make sure back foot is pointing straight ahead and tilt pelvis under.
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Important! As seen the don’t photo below make sure back foot is pointing straight ahead and not turning out to the side. Hold countertop & stand with good posture. Repeat on the other side.

Don't do this

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2. Upper Back, Shoulder & Rib Stretch

Find a desk or countertop that’s a comfortable height. Reach your right arm under the left with facing palm up. Roll your right arm and shoulder through
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Now turn body straight then lead with the chest as you allow your body weight sink into it your arm. Keep going until you feel the tension behind the shoulder start to release. Do both sides

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3. Entire Back & Achilles Stretch

Hold onto a countertop open legs shoulder width apart (further apart if very tight) Inhale deeply through the nose and exhale out of the mouth as you squat and sit as low as possible. Continue the deep breathing as you feel the back elongating. Make sure that both feet pointing straight ahead with heels on the ground.
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Don’t do example below! Turn feet & knees straight ahead
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4. Waist, Back & Upper Body Stretch

Start by sitting on the floor with legs crossed. Sit up straight and lean back against the wall for support during this entire exercise. Inhale through the nose as you reach arm up with palm facing the direction you are going. Exhale as you slide down for tight beginners use as many yoga blocks as needed to rest elbow on. Otherwise, the elbow goes to the floor.
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For more advanced bring elbow to the floor
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5. Calf, Hamstrings &  Gluteal Muscles

Start by laying on the floor. Bend one knee. For those who are extra tight put one leg on the wall for support and keep the back relaxed. Make sure your foot is flexed with the toes pulled back evenly.
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is using Stacey Stretch Strap to help keep stretch foot& leg with clean alignment. The strap also supports pulling leg back further.
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  6. Bonus  Achilles, Calf & Hamstring video
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Using Stacey Stretch Strap, Stacey Posture Strap & Yoga Blocks

Progress is directly related to the flexibility program you chose and the consistency. If you have felt stuck and given up because you feel like stretching will not work on you - it is only because you have not found the right flexibility training program tailored to your exact needs. See Best Stretches to Improve Flexibility

Not all flexibility programs are created equal. I see programs using the same outdated stretches that are not safe or effective. It is not enough to view pictures of stretches on the internet. Many programs online however it is best not to dabble in various YouTube videos trying to piece a program together.

 The details and modifications for each person’s special needs must be shown how to navigate past being locked up with tightness. This is a great opportunity to create your own reality and take steps to align with your highest vision of yourself.
Dancer able to do splits after Stacey's online flexibility course 1 time

"I just got my dancers bundle. I started dancing as an adult and I've never been very flexible. This is my before and after after doing ""Dancers held back by tightness" for the first time. My body feels very open after the session and I am looking forward to continue." Martina GojkošekI


  1. With technology and many working remotely there has never been a better time to get flexible from home. The more we take care of ourselves the more energy we can give to our profession, friends, and family. 
  2. Streaming online courses – don’t expire after purchase – progress every time you press play
  3. Private flexibility training in person or via Skype to jumpstart your progress to see how fun and deeply freeing it feels to clear constriction in your mind, body, and spirit.
  4. Flexibility training is a workout within itself it should be a solid continuous program for your exact level and needs. Devote yourself to an intensive long program and train with a condensed yet complete short programs on the days that time is limited.
"Flexibility at Any Age" course card Stacey smiling and man able to stretch forward in butterfly wings in after photoDance! Flexibility Makeover Power Pack Course Card. ballet dancer able to do over-splits in after photoComplete Martial Artist Flexibility System course card. Stacey unside down standing splits & another pic she's doing side kick straight up

Not sure where to start?

Feel free to contact me for a free consultation by sending me some informal pictures of your current flexibility level. I would be happy to recommend which individual course or package series will serve you best

Create a schedule that is easy to stick to-integrate it into your schedule that supports the flow of your day- There is no right time of day train as everyone has a different body clock. If you are a morning person and prefer to get it out of the way first thing and feel clear and aligned for a great day after, then that is your answer. Same is true if midday feels best or end of the day to unwind. The only time not to train is after a large meal. The body needs that energy to digest. A light snack is okay and plenty of water is essential.

Benefits of increasing flexibility from home:

  • Breathing plays a large factor in increasing flexibility-having to wear a mask in a class can be a hindrance to having an enjoyable productive session
  • No better way to safely get into shape and increase flexibility- during this time of variants spreading
  • Get to go at your own pace and time- Often when caught up with work it is difficult to make it to class on time – when training at home it can be scheduled to what suits you best
  • Convenience- of easily getting ready simply throw on comfortable clothes that allow movement no packing a gym bag or having to get dolled up for anyone
  • No distractions-Privacy and quiet to tune into your own breathing and what your body

Setting Up Your Space:

Setting up your space to get flexible from home:

Create an area that is your flexibility sanctuary to shut out distractions. You do not need to spend a lot of money on clucky heavy apparatuses. Here are the basics in order of priority:

*A matt – The body (especially back and knees) does not like hard floors

*An area will some clear wall space- walls, counter tops, chairs and step stools for balance and support

*Stacey Stretch Strap- to maximize progress by spotting the stretch to a new place with clean alignment

*Yoga Blocks-Soft blocks give added support getting into positions

*Stacey Posture Strap-if you suffer from hunched over posture this will give the support needed to create new muscle memory, improve balance, and open the heart and lungs.

Social media story customer thrilled to receive Stacey's Flexibility kit showing yoga blocks, stretch band, Stacey Posture Strap & Flexibility Kit bagStacey posture support strap showing design & all  the benefits of immediately improving posture

Benefits of getting flexible from home:

Melt stress



Elevated mood

Increased energy

Experience more clarity and coherence

Improve range of motion

Injury prevention

Strengthen immune system

Recalibrate central nervous system

The body knows how to heal itself with the right care and mindset

Stop cycle of unnecessary medications and surgeries

Flexibility Training for Injury Recovery:

Training around injuries can speed up recovery. When you are injured, you may think it's best to not work-out at all. In many cases that's not the case and to do nothing can slow down the recovery process, cause depression, irritability, and weight gain. In most cases the pain or injury is connected to lack of flexibility. You may be able to speed up the healing by training around the injury to help get the circulation going. What’s more, the endorphins released during a workout makes the mind and body feel good all over. Stretching the body helps reduce the pain because when a body part is injured, we tend to over-compensate and one usually walks in a way that puts the back and the rest of the body out of alignment.

 If it's shoulder or upper-body problem and you can't participate in a certain sport or activity, walking can go hand in hand with flexibility training it helps get rid of lactic acid and is very natural to the body. For a sprained ankle you can train around the injury by starting with stretching on the floor and only performing exercises that do not put pressure on injured area. If the back or knees feel locked up stretching at home could be the simple solution. If correctly done the increased range of motion can bring relief to nagging aches and pains. A chiropractor with a proven track record and massages can help speed up healing. However,  there is no better way to get flexible at home than training with a comprehensive flexibility program.


Often deep stretching is all that was needed all along for severe back or shoulder pain. Most injuries are due a lack of flexibility, proper warm-up and cool down. Luckily lots of stretches can be done laying down. It is important to note that if the injured area feels any of the bad pain while stretching or training around it, stop immediately. It helps to elevate and ice the inflamed area.


The beauty of an injury for a person who is obsessed with their sport, is that those muscles that are over-trained and strained finally get a chance to heal and restore.


Another blessing of injuries is having to dig down and tune in to the body and let it instruct you on what it needs. An injury is the way our bodies talk to us when we have come out of alignment in some area of our life. By necessity to get out of pain, I have created many stretches that have adjusted the problem. Which has enabled me to share this and help others.


 Always check with your doctor and use commonsense with any fitness programs. In my experience the body knows what it needs and will guide if you get quiet enough to listen to your inner guidance system.

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Finally move beyond Stuck Flexibility Plateaus At Home

  • 💃 Be competition ready
  • 🥋 Experience Flexibility Freedom
  • 🤸 Reduce Aches & Pains
  • 🏃️ Splits & Over-Splits
  • 🧘 Injury Prevention 

I invite you to completely transform your flexibility and range of motion. Thousands from across the globe have adopted my authenticated flexibility method and hardly recognize themselves.


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After 30 years of groundbreaking achievement helping professional athletes, dancers, performers, martial artist, and beginners immediately increase their flexibility. I am here to bring a new paradigm shift to eliminate the confusion surrounding the art & science of flexibility training for anyone at any level or age. These courses share the magic that happens with every client and the exact steps to increase flexibility safely, quickly and without pain.



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