Flexibility for Growth Spurt Pain: Stretching Solutions to Avoid Setbacks

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From my course "Advanced Flexibility Intensive for Figure Skaters & Martial Artist" I coach Noelle (USA TDK National Team & Figure Skater) in this program.

During times of growth spurts, loss of flexibility, extreme tightness, pain, and poor posture can set in. This should not be ignored! The good news is that flexibility training with the right program can immediately turn this around. This is a powerful opportunity to step into the solution to bring the body into balance.

My career as a flexibility specialist and martial artist has spanned over three decades. I have helped countless children and teens during painful growth spurts. This will bring relief to your teenager whilst creating a pathway to return to dance and all athletic performance better than ever.

Must see video! The truth about real flexibility training & why it is the  for children suffering from pain, tightness in mind & body

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What is the ideal age to start stretching to maximize flexibility?

6 years old is ideal time to start with a sports specific tailored flexibility program. Growth spurts continue until age 18. This will immensely help children have more ease, mobility and control  during growth spurts by not needing to compensate for tightness and severe misalignment patterns leading to pain, setbacks, and unnecessary injuries. 
before and after increased flexibility in little girl's middle splits

Temporary lose of balance and agility

 if your child’s performance in dance, martial arts or any sports seems to be getting worse get the right stretching program for their exact needs. Reassure your child that this is temporary. Do not add stress by blaming them that they are not trying hard enough. It has nothing to do with lack of effort. Growth spurts are a good time to step back and focus on what is needed to balance the body. They are trying to find their balance while adjusting to a new body. With the right training it is most likely that not only will flexibility and fluidity will return but also may shoot forward and come back better than before.

What is poor posture

Rounded shoulders hunched over with the head either is pulling forward not aligned with top of the body. This can cause balance problems.

Bent knees standing walking and while performing sport activities. This all stems from tightness due to lack of a proper stretching program to increase flexibility.

Poor posture due to tightness affects not only the entire body but also mood, breathing, balance digestion and even sleep.


           If not corrected poor posture, tightness, and weak core muscles, may lead to  degeneration of the spine (osteoarthritis), scoliosis, kyphosis – chronic neck and back pain, problems with hips, knees, Achilles, and the feet (our tires) collapse in or turn out. My Stacey Posture Strap now available in size small for teens

Stacey Posture Support Strap brochure showing how it immediately improves posture

Why musculoskeletal, severe posture alignment issues is a modern epidemic

The bar has been raised on every sport where flexibility, agility and core strength are required. Yet, the majority of dance, gymnastics, martial art schools and sports teams are still in the cave ages when it comes to flexibility training the right way. It should not be painful when does correctly  it is a pain-free  yet deep workout to allow kids and teens to perform pain-free at the highest capacity. 

Before the technology explosion kids generally played outside all day. Teens are now sitting watching TV, playing video games, and glued to their phones or computers which may lead to poor posture.

Cheerleaders before and after flexibility progress

Cheerleader Bella's results from course "Cheerleaders Complete Flexibility System"

A new study shows teens receive 237 texts notifications and send 60+ texts per day

Frequently looking downward can weaken the neck muscles, worsen posture, cause chronic pain and long-term structural changes, such as a forward head position or rounded shoulders. In turn, these complications may trigger changes to the spine and surrounding muscles, eventually increasing pressure in the spinal discs and causing abnormal curvature, which can require complex treatment

before & after flexibility progress young dancer leg hold

Pain & tightness does not have to be a life sentence

Inadequate flexibility will have a negative effect on the body. I have worked with countless individuals that were told by a misinformed coach or instructor that they would never be flexible. On every count I have proven them wrong. The instructors were not equipped with the right knowledge to offer the desperately needed help. Sadly, planting a false belief that this is a life sentence of feeling tight and limited.

Take advantage of my three decades of groundbreaking achievement in the field of flexibility. After being Flexibility Coach to top athletes, Olympians, Professional dancers, Cirque Du Soleil performers, Actors, UFC Champion Vitor Belfort & Carlson Gracie Team and too many to list here, all to maximize their potential – I do know how to get flexible fast. I am thrilled share this information with you the best way to increase flexibility and save you from years of frustration, tightness, and pain.

before & after flexibility progress teenage dancer leg hold

Before & after results during my flexibility training via Skype with 14 year old dancer Katelynn who was suffering from tightness & poor posture from growth spurts.

Before and after massive flexibility progress getting into the splits

What are the solutions to remedy growth spurts

        1. Stretching is more important than ever to help ensure that the muscles can lengthen and keep up with the sudden bone growth. As well as stretching pre and post sport they often benefit from stretching daily and may need help initially with this to ensure correct technique.

           2Book a private session with me so I can customize and tailor a comprehensive flexibility training  program. This will immediately turn things around in a positive direction. The intense focus and my breathing method taught during session with put client in their body with a new body awareness. This will calm the mind and body, clear stress and increase attentiveness.

3. The next best thing is to enroll in my pre-filmed online courses. This is included in the private package however courses can be accessed at any time to login from anywhere to train at any time.

4. Make sure the chairs provide back support and the desk is at elbow level so there is no hunching or strain doing homework or working online to avoid regularly looking down. If on the couch prop pillows up so elbow can rest there and head is level with phone, tv and computer.


 5. Sitting for a long period of time is taxing on the mind and body. Getting outside in Nature for a swim, walking the dog, any activity or play time will help tremendously. 

Before and after flexibility progress young girl able to touch toes

Why back pain should not be ignored

The National Library of medicine states that low back pain in young athletes must be taken seriously to avoid delays in diagnosis and treatment. Adolescents may be predisposed to back injuries because of muscle imbalances, inflexibility, structural differences of the spine and improper training.

During growth spurts, muscles and ligaments cannot keep pace with bone growth, causing decreased flexibility and muscle imbalances.
Back injuries can result from poor technique and excessive training, particularly during periods of rapid growth
Young girls increased flexibility now able to hold leg up to her earyoung girls splits progress to over-splits

Results happened during filming course "Transformational Flexibility Mastery-Beginners Guide for Dance, Gymnastics & Martial Arts

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Testimonial: I cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible impact that Stacey's personalized stretching program has had on my daughter's dancing journey. When my daughter first started with Stacey, she was struggling with flexibility, growth spurts & lacked the confidence to push her boundaries in her dance routines. However, under Stacey's expert guidance, my daughter has not only improved her flexibility but has also experienced a significant boost in her overall confidence.

Stacey's approach is truly unique and tailored to the specific needs of each individual. She took the time to understand my daughter's strengths, weaknesses, and personal goals, crafting a stretching program that was effective and enjoyable. Stacey tailored her instruction as her flexibility improved to help advance her further. Since embarking on Stacey's program, my daughter's performances have transformed.

Her increased flexibility is evident in the grace and #fluidity of her movements, and her newfound confidence shines through in every routine. Stacey's holistic approach to flexibility has left an indelible mark on my daughter's journey, and for that, I am truly grateful.
Thank you for everything!!!
Sarah Bowen

 Flexibility Tools to optimize progress

Flexibility tools to support safely increasing mobility

Stretching strap: Stacey Stretch Strap I custom designed with the perfect level of tension, stretchy strong material yet soft on the skin with continuous loops to choose from according to level and needs.

Posture Strap: If you have poor posture this will get reinforced when you stretch or workout. A hunched over posture affects breathing and mental health. To get flexible fast breathing deeply is necessary to allow the mind and body to let go. I custom designed Stacey Posture Strap to immediately correct posture and take pressure off the neck, back and shoulders.

Yoga Blocks
: If you’re unable to reach the floor in certain poses a block can be a useful way to create length and bring the ground closer to you. Doing so will enable you to experience the full benefit of the pose, without straining your body or compromising your alignment.

Yoga blocks have many uses and benefits,  including offering support for all levels,  releasing tension, preventing strain or injury, and increasing strength and flexibility.

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Stacey Upside down leg splits with Stacey Stretch Strap

Setting up your flexibility training area: 

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For highest results set up your flexibility training space

All you need is an area with some clear wall space to support the body and keep the back out of it all.

A matt that protects back and knees from getting bruised

Least 2-4 Yoga Blocks

1-2 Stacey Stretch Straps

Stacey Posture Strap – if posture needs support

A chair or step stool to help with balance

Water bottle- hydration is a must!

Serious about increasing flexibility:

Cheerleader before photo leg 1/2 way up in back  massive increased flexibility after she's holding leg straight up behind  herimproved side kick natiional taekwondo champion training flexibility with Stacey

During my flexibility training session with National Champion in Taekwondo Aryan

martial arts champion improves hamstring flexibility working with Stacey

: Speak to a professional for all your health needs and seek their counsel. Children need to be under adult supervision at all times. We disclaim all liability for any physical harm resulting from the information on this website. 
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