Flexibility & Hip Mobility for Track & Field: Stretch for Results

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Track & Field triple hurdler Divya Biswal

Flexibility and hip mobility is a essential requirement

 to perform with full range of motion, stop pain, and injuries in there tracks.  The right flexibility and stretching program is the key missing element runners are suffering from.

I have worked with countless runners from beginners to Olympic level, long distance to track and field triple hurdlers. My flexibility training  system has helped clear severe pain and injuries due to chronic tightness. I start by tending the to the feet which are our tires. Like tires they need alignment and balancing to perform at optimum levels. The foot hip connection of tightness runs all the way up into the hip and back. Which can lead to Achilles, knee, hip, and back pain.

 The good news is that learning to stretch the right way can heal these issues.

Be sure the flexibility program treats the entire body as one unit. Hamstring stretches alone will not address what the body has been asking for.

Why stretching correctly is the necessary solution for runners & athletes

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Disclaimer: Speak to a professional for all your health needs and seek their counsel. Children need to be under adult supervision at all times. We disclaim all liability for any physical harm resulting from the information on this website. By performing any fitness exercises, you are performing them at your own risk. Stacey Nemour, Flexibility Makeover and/or associated affiliates will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustained because of this training series. By continuing to the program, you acknowledge that you have read this disclaimer and agreed.

1. Flexibility begins at the feet

To do this highly beneficial calf stretch you will need a yoga block or a  something that provides an incline such as  a stack of sturdy books or a stair. Hold onto the wall or countertop put one foot on yoga block and put other foot on block to stabilize it. Slide the one foot down until heel touches the ground. Make sure foot is pointing straight ahead. 
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2. Stretch for tight quads/hip flexors

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Instructions:  Put a loop of Stacey Stretch Strap on your foot lie on stomach grab the strap in hands to put foot towards buttocks. Keep the low-back relaxed and don't forget to breathe!

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  2. Hip opener & back release

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Lie down on your back you may use your hand or a yoga block to help release the back and hip further.

Pain & tightness does not have to be a life sentence

increased flexibility in hamstring stretch runner is able to touch toes now
Before & After Results in 1 Session While Filming Complete Track & Field Flexibility Team Canada's Divya Biswal.  

Improved flexibility means that an athlete is less likely to suffer from fatigue during physical activity, as their muscles will be better able to contract and relax efficiently. This makes them more capable of performing complex tasks such as jumping and sprinting.

For more effective stretches see How to get Flexible Fast

 Lack of mobility makes it extremely difficult to perform with good technique. The causes the body to have to fight against itself and drains energy quickly. I have worked with countless individuals that were told by a misinformed coach or instructor that they would never be flexible. On every count I have proven them wrong. The instructors were not equipped with the right knowledge to offer the desperately needed help. Planting a false belief can be detrimental when we allow something outside ourselves to dictate what we can or cannot do.  

Take advantage of my three decades of groundbreaking achievement in the field of flexibility. After being Flexibility Coach to top athletes, Olympians, Professional dancers, Cirque Du Soleil performers, Actors, UFC Champion Vitor Belfort & Carlson Gracie Team and too many to list here, all to maximize their potential – I do know how to get flexible fast. I am thrilled share this information with you the best way to increase flexibility and save you from years of frustration, tightness, and pain.

Hurdlers increased range of motion able to throw backs all the way back now
Before & After Results in 1 Session While Filming Complete Track & Field Flexibility Team Canada's Divya Biswal.  

Complete Track & Field Running, Jumping Sports Flexibility System

"Complete Track & Field Flexibility System" Online flexibility course overall flexibility triple hurdler jumperDivya can now stretch forward into straddle stretchDivya's butterfly wings shows a hip & grion release improved flexibility
Before & After Results in 1 Session While Filming Complete Track & Field Flexibility Team Canada's Divya Biswal.  

 Prepare for running, jumping hurdlers, track & field competitions with techniques such as throwing arms back higher and splits training to clear triple hurdle jumps with ease to perform at your highest capacity.

The program finishes practicing a jump move with a new range of motion, better posture and tie it all together, with work on timing her breath to help experience more height & power.

Available a a single course and included in the Beginner's Ultimate Flexibility Series Bundle & The Flexibility Master Class Series for Martial Artists & Stunt Performers

Track & field athlete Divya Biswal jumping

Game changing flexibility tools

Stacey posture strap immediately improves posture
Stretching strap: Stacey Stretch Strap I custom designed with the perfect level of tension, stretchy strong material yet soft on the skin with continuous loops to choose from according to level and needs.

Posture Strap: If you have poor posture this will get reinforced when you stretch or workout. A hunched over posture affects breathing and mental health. To get flexible fast breathing deeply is necessary to allow the mind and body to let go. I custom designed Stacey Posture Strap to immediately correct posture and take pressure off the neck, back and shoulders.

Yoga Blocks
: If you’re unable to reach the floor in certain poses a block can be a useful way to create length and bring the ground closer to you. Doing so will enable you to experience the full benefit of the pose, without straining your body or compromising your alignment.

Yoga blocks have many uses and benefits,  including offering support for all levels,  releasing tension, preventing strain or injury, and increasing strength and flexibility.

Calf/ Achilles Stretcher
: The Bob Calf Master will increase speed, strength, ankle mobility, and vertical jump. It strengthens and stretches muscles, tendons, ligaments, helps treat plantar fasciitis, and is the ultimate lower leg solution.

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Track & field athlete hurdle jumping

Setting up your flexibility training area: 

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Set up your flexibility training space for flexibility courses & or private session with Stacey

All you need is an area with some clear wall space to support the body and keep the back out of it all.

A matt that protects back and knees from getting bruised

Least 2-4 Yoga Blocks

1-2 Stacey Stretch Straps

Stacey Posture Strap – if posture needs support

A chair or step stool to help with balance

Water bottle- hydration is a must!
Stacey using Stacey Stretch Strap to support lifting leg straight up iin standing over-splits
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