How to get Flexible Fast: Stretch Tips from Flexibility Master

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The good news is that anyone of any age or level can get flexible fast. Here are stretch tips and the best stretches on how to get flexible fast:

1. A comprehensive flexibility training program-for your level & exact needs

2. An open mind- the mind influences the body.

3. Consistency-to improve stamina, strength and  flexibility fitness create a solid training schedule.

4. Do not force or push to the point of pain-flexibility is all about relaxing and letting  it all go!

5. Don’t go it alone -by doing outdated stretch routines you have learned along the way.

6. Flexibility training is an art and science- a workout within itself when done the right way. 

1. Great stretch for quadriceps, hip flexors & grion 

Lay on your side pull bottom knee in for balance use a stretch band (to order Stacey Stretch Strap) and put loop on foot grab the strap with both hands and start to gently  pull foot toward your head
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Clip from course "Flexibility Formula" copyrighted material 

  2. Open chest, shoulders & release tight back/hips to increase back flexibility

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3. Video will show you how to increase flexibility for Achilles, calf and hamstrings.

Instructions: Put stretch strap on from behind you and put a loop from each side on one foot, be sure to stretch the foot evenly by flexing the foot back don’t leave out the toes! Be aware of the foot collapsing in or turning out it needs to be aligned perfectly straight to fully benefit. If you don’t have a strap and are very tight lean the leg that is stretching against a chair or wall to hold it in 

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For more stretches see How to get Flexible Body at Home

Pain & tightness does not have to be a life sentence

male dancer before & after able to do splits

Inadequate flexibility will have a negative effect on the body. I have worked with countless individuals that were told by a misinformed coach or instructor that they would never be flexible. On every count I have proven them wrong. The instructors were not equipped with the right knowledge to offer the desperately needed help. Sadly, planting a false belief that this is a life sentence of feeling tight and limited.

Take advantage of my three decades of groundbreaking achievement in the field of flexibility. After being Flexibility Coach to top athletes, Olympians, Professional dancers, Cirque Du Soleil performers, Actors, UFC Champion Vitor Belfort & Carlson Gracie Team and too many to list here, all to maximize their potential – I do know how to get flexible fast. I am thrilled share this information with you the best way to increase flexibility and save you from years of frustration, tightness, and pain.

Actress Michele Greene  increased flexibility can touch toes now
Stacey guides Emmy nominated actress from series L.A. Law & numerous roles in film/TV, singer & author Michele Greene at ageless 60 yrs. old to astounding new levels of flexibility & mobility during this filmed session. 

60 Year Old Actress Michele Greene's Results in 1 Flexibility Training Session with Stacey 

ballet dancer before & after able to do splits & arch back to grab leg

To get Flexible Fast:

There is a specific order of stretching exercises that need to be done correct sequence to enable the body to  gently open up.  This prepares the body step by step  for the deeper stretches coming later in the routine. When done correctly this makes the more demanding stretches easier and more effective.
Upper body
Lower legs/Calves/Feet
Low Back
Waist stretches
Inner Thighs/Groin area
Straddle Stretch
Back Arch

Flexible Fast Track Flexibility Tools

The right flexibility tools to support going to a whole new level fast:

Stretching strap: Stacey Stretch Strap I custom designed with the perfect level of tension, stretchy strong material yet soft on the skin with continuous loops to choose from according to level and needs.

Posture Strap: If you have poor posture this will get reinforced when you stretch or workout. A hunched over posture affects breathing and mental health. To get flexible fast breathing deeply is necessary to allow the mind and body to let go. I custom designed Stacey Posture Strap to immediately correct posture and take pressure off the neck, back and shoulders.

Yoga Blocks
: If you’re unable to reach the floor in certain poses a block can be a useful way to create length and bring the ground closer to you. Doing so will enable you to experience the full benefit of the pose, without straining your body or compromising your alignment.

Yoga blocks have many uses and benefits,  including offering support for all levels,  releasing tension, preventing strain or injury, and increasing strength and flexibility.

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Stacey Upside down leg splits with Stacey Stretch Strap

Setting up your flexibility training area: 

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For highest results set up your flexibility training space

All you need is an area with some clear wall space to support the body and keep the back out of it all.

A Matt that protects back and knees from getting bruised

Least 2-4 Yoga Blocks

1-2 Stacey Stretch Straps

Stacey Posture Strap – if posture needs support

A chair or step stool to help with balance

Water bottle- hydration is a must!

If you are serious about increasing flexibility:

Young girls increased flexibility now able to hold leg up to her ear

Before & After happened during filming course "Transformational Flexibility Mastery" results in just 1 session

Create Perfect Schedule to get Flexible fast

The best way to increase flexibility fast safely and effectively by doing a comprehensive flexibility training program for a solid hour or longer. That is how long my flexibility courses and private sessions usually go for 1 hr. & ½ - two hours. In between when short on time I produced "Flexibility Formula- 4 Short Program Series" 

Progress oriented flexibility training is a workout within itself because you’re tapping into areas that are lying dormant muscles that are not being used. Stretching 3-6 days a week is ideal. Always take at least one rest day per week to repair and process.

Girl able to get into the splits after training with Stacey's programStacey working with flexible ballerina on point

: Speak to a professional for all your health needs and seek their counsel. Children need to be under adult supervision at all times. We disclaim all liability for any physical harm resulting from the information on this website. 
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