How To Increase Flexibility to do Splits

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Honor the body by stretching it gently. The more time you take to stretch increases your ability to go deeper into the splits. Start with the easier ones and save the intense positions for last. 

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After I released one of my best sellers “Secrets of Splits & Flexibility” emails started to pour in from all over the world with testimonials including, before and after picture with results that speak for themselves! It has been incredibly heart-warming to help others finally get over the hurdles by offering  a solution-based flexibility and splits training system to learn how to increase flexibility to do splits. If you have felt stuck and are ready to finally get into the splits, I will provide all you need to know in this blog!

The information and steps you are about to read comes from my three decades of groundbreaking achievement in the field of flexibility. After being Flexibility Coach to top athletes, Olympians, Professional dancers, Cirque Du Soleil performers, Actors, UFC Champion Vitor Belfort & Carlson Gracie Team and too many to list here, all to maximize their potential. Start now with my free flexibility mini-course for splits.
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Quickest way to safely get splits:

results to support text "Here's my splits progress from just doing course "Flexibility For Dancers Held Back By Tightness" 1 time
Testimonial: "I'm 25 years old and needed to prepare for Dance Company performance. Here's my splits progress from just doing course "Flexibility For Dancers Held Back By Tightness" 1 time with your Stacey Stretch Strap. Thank you Stacey" Bianca Cathro.

This course is available on its own & included in all the bundle package series.
The Better Your Flexibility Training Program -The Bigger the Payoff! The  most effective path to increasing flexibility is by training with the exact perfect program for your level and specific needs. The reason my system always brings measurable results because it includes all the necessary elements to safely go to a whole new level in a short period of time. Which are:

*Sequence – A common mistake is to just stretch the legs and or just practice sliding into the splits with without preparing the body for what you are asking it to do. The most effective path to increase flexibility for splits is to properly stretch from head to toe. I have always taught the exact specific order to perform the stretching exercises in.  

*Breathe is moving energy- Correct breathing combined with intension is also a missing component that keeps individuals stuck in a holding pattern. Breath is life. Breath is moving energy. Breath is power in motion. Deep inhale through the nose and long exhale out of the mouth when sliding into the splits or going deeper into all stretches.  

*Power of the mind-The mind has a tremendous influence on the body visualize yourself exactly the way you wish to be allow yourself to feel what that would feel like to become one with your goals. This will program the cells of your body to move in that direction. Then let go and you may find everything you need for your wildest dreams shows up.  

*Do not just train your good side-Switch sides evenly going back and forth to practice sliding down into all three splits.   

*Be gentle with thyself- Forcing, bouncing, or having someone try to push you down into the splits is very dangerous. These are outdated methods that may lead to deep painful damage and setbacks.

How Often:

Set up a schedule for your splits and flexibility training as you would attending any weekly class. Two to five days per week if you want to continue to experience measurable results. Allow the body at least one complete rest day per week. This will give the body some downtime to repair, process and shoot forward. The same goes for getting plenty of sleep.

If you participate in a demanding sport that requires an optimum range of motion such as martial arts or dance a complete flexibility training routine should be practiced right before the athletic performance.

It is not only about how often what kind of stretching and flexibility program you are doing. You could be doing a stretching program 5 times per week and still not feel like real progress is being made. If that is the case it is a clear indication that the routine is not serving your immediate needs. Real flexibility and splits training is a workout within itself if done correctly. My flexibility system shows the exact steps needed to experience going into new territory, much like a discovery channel trip waking up parts of the body and mind lying dormant. 

Common flexibility impediments: 

Disclaimer: Speak to a professional for all your health needs and seek their counsel. Children need to be under adult supervision at all times. We disclaim all liability for any physical harm resulting from the information on this website.

How To Train Splits with Clean Alignment

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How to stretch quad with clean alignment

One of the greatest dangers is stretching without cleaning alignment. Solution: Always make sure the lines from the foot, knee and hip are all pointing and going in the same direction. When you feel so tight you want to take the easy way out by compensating it is doing more harm than good and starts the path of taking the long way around. This is due to having to re-train incorrect muscle memory patterns. What happens is the parts of the body that need stretching attention the most lay dormant.  Otherwise, you may be vulnerable to pain, injuries, setbacks and creating an imbalance with the bodies entire energy systems. Watch video clip to clean up  a common misalignment pattern when splits training.
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Props for increasing flexibility for splits:

Penche on elbows over-split using Stacey Stretch Strap® & Stacey Posture Strap
1.   A stretchy stretch strap, (I have custom designed the Stacey Stretch Strap®) The continuous loops make it easy for choosing the right amount tension to spot your body to a whole new place with clean alignment  

2.   A quiet area with some clear wall space to use as support. A chair or stepstool also provide extra support  

3.  Yoga blocks: Give fantastic support when you can’t get all the way into a position or when you want to go past a position such as over splits. Pillows are also a good cushioning tool to use.  

4.    A soft mat the spine does not like a hard floor   Most recommend for these issues:  

*A posture corrector: good posture is a critical starting point because you don’t want to train with poor posture reinforcing muscle memory patterns. I custom designed the Stacey Posture Strap to wear that you can work out in or wear in daily life.

* Calf/ Achilles Stretcher: The calf master has cleared my Achilles pain when I run or jump. Flexibility starts at the bottom of the feet and up. This board rocks back and forth to deeply stretch and strengthen. This improved my vertical jump, balance, core strength and power. I believe in this product so much I offer it on my products page   
Stacey support posture strap showing benefits for neck, back & shoulders

Why you are continually stuck:

Little progress is not made unless you are practicing stretches in the right sequence. Following my specific order and all the details you will not see anywhere else is the safest and most effective path to increase flexibility and splits. For example, before you can effectively stretch the hamstrings and open the entire line to reach all the way up into the back, stretch the feet and calves beforehand. This can be accomplished by flexing the foot back include the toes and entire all parts the feet evenly.  In all my programs, online courses and when I work with clients, I demonstrate stretches in this order to help prepare the body for each following stretch:

Upper body

Lower legs/Calves/Feet


Hips/Buttocks/Low Back

Waist stretches Inner

Thighs/Groin area


Straddle Stretches

Back Arch

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How to get unstuck:

The breathe is the gateway to moving past stuck positions. Inhale deep before the stretch and exhale as you sink into the stretch. This will also help relieve stress and will put you in touch with your body.

 Don’t skip any body parts because it is too uncomfortable. Since the body is one unit and now that you know to practice in the right order those lock up areas will feel easier to breathe your way to breakthroughs. Stretching and strengthening the entire body will create balance and leave you feeling free and open.

Magic happens on the repeat:

If the body is crazy tight in an area, switch sides and keep coming back. If the stretch does not involve another side and feels painful do not hold it long. Instead of forcing to push through the bad kind of pain, take a quick break by coming all the way out of the difficult stretching position and going back into the stretch multiple times. This way the body has time to process what is happening and get used to the new stretches. Each time you repeat a stretch the body should allow you to sink deeper into it.

When to explore over-splits

Stacey over-splits with front leg up on lounge chair

If you are getting close to the splits and are already warmed up a good way to help, get lower is to gently start practicing over splits start with one yoga block or another item not to high such as a rolled-up towel. (It is important to remember never force or bounce) Then go back to sliding back down into regular splits. Gradually build up to more blocks. To help stretch the quad of the back leg of the splits it helps to do over-splits with block as I am demonstrating in this video.

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You are not alone in this:

  There is an abundance of help available via my online courses for the exact perfect splits and flexibility program for your needs and level. If you need help choosing the exact perfect program of a single course and bundle series feel free to email me some pictures of your current flexibility level for a complimentary email consultation. Or to book a private session via Skype.
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